A FORGERS TALE by Shaun Greenhaigh - *****


A FORGERS TALE by Shaun Greenhaigh

5 Stars

Published 2017

 An extraordinary book.

This is the story, written by a convicted criminal, of his life as an art forger. What is so interesting is that Shaun Greenhaigh is, in my view, not far short of being a genius.

There seem to be nothing that he didn't look at and think, I can make that.

And he did, in his shed, at the bottom of his parent's garden.

Was he as good as he thought he was? Well, he did get caught eventually, but not before fooling every auction house, and most of the museums that we trust so implicitly. 

This book may not be a literary masterpiece, but it certainly is a fascinating story.


Review - Bill Banbury 2018

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