Brixton Pottery Spotty Dog 250ml Mug


Brixton Pottery is produced by Alex and Tania Dufort, in Mid Wales.

We have stocked this very traditional and pretty spongeware pottery for ftwenty years now. We think that the designs are more traditional and delicate than Emma Bridgewater and, although it is not nearly so well known, we have always really liked Brixton Pottery.

The technique of spongeware probably originated in Crete 4000 years ago.  It is not as well known but we have always been big fans. Much of the Delft pottery on display in the Victoria & Albert museum shows sponge decoration, but it was not till the 19th Century that decoration using intricately cut sponges became at all widespread. Brixton Pottery is made by techniques that have remained unchanged for the past 170 years.


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