Markal Oil Painting Sticks Set - Student



Oil paint in stick form, made with linseed oil, wax and pigments.
Markal Artists Paintstiks are real oil paints in a dry stick form. Not to be mistaken with crayons or pastels Paintstiks are made with highly refined drying oils and blended with the finest pigments before being molded into sticks. When the Paintstiks are pressed against the painting surface they actually liquefy at the point of contact, allowing you to paint wet with a dry stick.

Paintstiks are easy to use and hassle-free, you can use them without the trappings of oil paints - there's no need for pallets, mixing cups, brushes or turpentine, letting you concentrate on exploring shape, composition and colour while out on a field trip.

Markal Paintstiks can be used alone or with conventional oil colours. 

They dry overnight, (much faster than other oil sticks) and are mixable with turpentine for wash effects and softening. 
They become liquid when applied and, as linseed is a drying oil, a skin forms on the stick which must be peeled off before use. 
The sticks are non-toxic with no offensive odour and are particularly useful for field trips and for strong gestural marks, as it is not necessary to stop to recharge in mid-stroke.

In the studio Paintstiks are versatile and can be applied and blended in nearly infinite colour variations with the finger, a paint brush or a pallet knife. They are compatible with oil paints and varnishes that are used with oil paints allowing an image painted with paintsticks to be worked over with conventional oil paints or varnished just like a regular painting.

Series Numbers
The colours are split into four series numbers, according to the pigment price, and are priced by series. The cost of the set reflects the fact that it contains high series number colours.

White, black, blue, brown, deep red, green, ochre, orange, purple, red, red-brown, yellow

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