EREBUS by Michael Palin - *****


EREBUS by Michael Palin

5 Stars

Published 2018


Written by Michael Palin, in his easy style that we all warm to immediately, this is the story of two ships, Erebus and Terror. The two ships disappeared whilst trying to discover the North West Passage, in 1860.

Their disappearance became one of the mysteries of the age. In the years which followed, many expeditions were sent North, but they all returned without a solution to the mystery.

The two ships had vanished.

In September 2014, the first ship was found.

It is a fascinating story. Michael Palin has researched the history of each ship, of all the crew, and of each journey that Erebus ever made. 

Luckily, I read this book whilst on holiday. I was completely engrossed for two days.

Review - Bill Banbury 2018