GOODBYE MICKEY MOUSE by Len Deighton *****



5 Stars

Published 1982

Len Deighton is one of my favourite authors. I read his books again and again. He has a sharp quick style that is both easy to read, and amusing.

Set in Suffolk, in the winter of 1943 / 1944. The weather is bad. It rains all the time. The American airmen cannot believe that such terrible flying conditions really exist, but once they meet up with their bombers, over Germany, at the limit of their range, the conditions get so much worse.

At the centre of the novel are two young men: the deeply reserved Captain Jamie Farebrother, estranged son of a deskbound colonel, and the cocky Lieutenant Mickey Morse, well on his way to becoming America’s Number One Flying Ace. Alike only in their courage, they forge a bond of friendship in battle with far-reaching consequences for themselves, and for the future of those they love.

Review - Bill Banbury 2018