LOVE IS BLIND by William Boyd - ****


LOVE IS BLIND by William Boyd

4 Stars

Published 2018


Of course, any new book by William Boyd is a must for us. We have read them all, and we often recommend them to our customers.

The story of a Scottish Piano Tuner, William Brodie, living in Edinburgh, at the end of the nineteenth century. The firm is expanding and Brodie is sent to Paris. This is just the start of his travels.

He falls in love with Lika Blum, a blonde Russian soprano. Is this a dangerous liaison? It certainly is. Lika is Brodie's main client's mistress.

Does Lika feel the same passion for Brodie? Yes, she does, and so begins a passionate affair that has very dangerous consequences.

I enjoyed this book as much as I expected, so why only four stars? Well, if I gave every book five stars, you might think that too easy. But, I do recommend this book, otherwise it wouldn't be on our list.



Review - Bill Banbury 2018