Markal Artists Oil Painting Sticks


Oil paint in stick form, made with linseed oil, wax and pigments. 
Markal Paintstiks can be used alone or with conventional oil colours. 
They dry overnight, (much faster than other oil sticks) and are mixable with turpentine for wash effects and softening. 
They become liquid when applied and, as linseed is a drying oil, a skin forms on the stick which must be peeled off before use. 
The sticks are non-toxic with no offensive odour and are particularly useful for field trips and for strong gestural marks, as it is not necessary to stop to recharge in mid-stroke.

Series Numbers
The colours are split into four series numbers, according to the pigment price, and are priced by series.

Alizarin Crimson    S3
Antique White    S2
Azo Orange    S3
AzoYellow    S3
Blending Stick    S1
Burnt Sienna    S1
Burnt Umber    S1
Cadmium Red Deep   S4
Cadmium Red Scarlet    S4
Celadon Green    S2
Gold    S4
Ivory Black    S1
Meadow Green    S2
Naphthol Red    S3
Olive Green    S2
Prussian Blue    S2
Pthalo Blue    S3
Pthalo Green    S3
Raw Umber    S1
Sap Green    S2
Slate Blue    S2
Titanium White    S2
Ultramarine Blue    S2
Viridian Green    S4
Wedgewood Blue    S1
Yellow Ochre    S1

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