Pro Arte Series 10 Prolene Chisel Edge Signwriters Brush Full Range


Artist's Watercolour Brush hand made in England. These brushes are all made in the Pro arte factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire.  The Prolene Chisel Edge Writers are  a very good inexpensive signwriters' brush manufactured entirely from Prolene.  It possesses good spring and holds its edge well.   Seamless nickel ferrules.  Black polished handles with gold tips.. We are so pleased to be supporting this small thriving British manufacturing company.

Founded by the artist Roy Thompson in 1973, Pro Arte is a thriving small British company based at Skipton in Yorkshire, UK. We have been to factory and watched each brush being made by hand using traditional methods.

The hair used is either natural animal hair or synthetic hair that has been formulated by Pro Arte to give a natural spring and holding ability that matches the more expensive animal hair. 

The handles are all the traditional wooden handles that artists love. 

We are so pleased to be supporting this thriving British manufacturing company and the highly skilled team that is Pro Arte.

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