Pro Arte Series A Hog Brush Set W7A


Artist's Series A Hog Oil Painting Brush Set - W7A

Set comprises Series A Short Flat size 1-3-5-7, Round size 1.

These fine quality hog tools are made from Jyukeis hog - the highest grade of Chinese bristle presently obtainable and considered by connoisseurs to be without equal.

The bristle is extremely firm and, in the case of the Long and Short Flats, incurves to a beautiful razors's edge, importing much spring and being highly responive to oil paint.

However, their greatest virtue of all is in their ability to maintain good shape even after many hours of continuous use and cleaning.

These brushes are all made in the Pro Arte factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Each brush is made by hand using the best available hair whether it is synthetic or traditional animal hair.

We are so pleased to be supporting this small thriving British manufacturing company.

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