Bockingford Watercolour Blocks



The artist's favourite watercolour paper, is now available in twelve sheet blocks. åÊ

Mould made, gelatine sized, Neutral PH value, acid free archival paper.

Made in England.

These Watercolour Blocks have four edges of the paper are glued into the binding so the paper does not need to be stretched before applying watercolour. The paper can then be easily removed from the binding when necessary.
Each Block contains 12 sheets.

Sizes Available
228mm x 305mm / 9 by 12 inches
254mm x 355mm / 10 x 14 inches
305mm x 405mm / 12 by 16"
Surfaces Available
Cold Pressed (also known as NOT) - Medium Surface
Hot Pressed - Smooth Surface
Rough - Rough Textured Surface
Weights Available
140lb/300gms - Standard
We usually send these blocks in a cardboard bookwrap so that the edges of the block are well protected..

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