Saunders Waterford Watercolour Papers



This hand made watercolour paper is available in four weights, and three surfaces.

The weight is a measure of the thickness of the sheet. 

The surface describes the texture that is pressed into the paper during manufacture.

Saunders paper is also available in blocks and books.

This listing is for one sheet off watercolour paper, normally rolled for packaging.

Mould made, Acid Free Neutral PH value,

100% Pure Cotton, Gelatine sized,

Watermarked, by hand. Deckle edged, by hand

Made in England, at St Cuthbert's Mill, Somerset

St Cuthbert's Mill, which nestles high up the River Axe valley, has been using the pure water of the River Axe to make paper on the same site since the 1700‰۪s. Surrounded by the green fields and quiet country lanes of the English countryside, in the beautiful county of Somerset, St Cuthbert's Mill is located near the ancient Cathedral City of Wells, close to the mystic town of Glastonbury (the legendary resting place of King Arthur), and south of the historic City of Bath, famous for its magnificent Roman baths.

St Cuthbert's Mill has a staff of highly skilled craftsmen, who are passionate about paper. Papermaking is a trade passed down through the generations, and their team is no exception. They understand the science behind paper, and how subtle changes affect the finished sheet. They are at the top of their profession for making fine quality paper.

Surfaces Available
Cold Pressed (also known as NOT) - Medium Surface
Hot Pressed - Smooth Surface
Rough - Rough Textured Surface
Weights Available
90lb/190gm - Light
140lb/300gms - Standard
300lb/625gm - Heavy (UK customers only)
Pack Sizes
Single Sheets 56x76cm/22x30", or cut to your own size.
We normally roll this paper and send it in a cardboard tube. The heavyweight paper will be sent flat, and is only available as a full sheet to our UK customers. If you need the paper sent abroad, we can cut the sheet to any size for you.

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