Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels Set 24 Introductory


The Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels range was developed at the turn of the last century by Gustave Sennelier and has continued to evolve into the world's largest range of pastel colours available. The exceptional quality is a result of a perfect balance between pigment and natural binders. Sennelier soft pastels are prepared by hand without compression and air dried to prevent brittleness. One of the finest soft pastels available.

Set of 24 Soft Chalk Pastels

The manufacturing process of the Sennelier cylindrical pastel does not compress the paste and the pastel dries naturally in open air. The life span of a piece of work is guaranteed by the quality of the pastel, but also by the quality of the substrate. If a lot of overlapping is performed, it is preferable to fix between layers. Avoid, however, fixing the final layer too heavily, as the original vibration of tones will be lost. Pure Non-toxic Pigments and Natural Binders. High Lightfastness. Velvety Finish. Available in sets ans individual colours.

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