Tech Style Artists Deep Edge Square Canvases


Unlike some, these canvas are very well constructed, with the canvas stapled on the back, and the canvas is properly primed.

Self Tensioning Stretcher Bars
100% Natural Cotton
Three Coats of Primer
Depth of Edge
18mm /     3/4"   Standard depth
38mm /  1 1/2"   Deep edge, for use when the artwork is not to be framed.
As with all our canvases, they are priced in pairs, to ensure that we can pack them so they are not damaged on their way to you. If this really does not suit you, just call us up. We will be pleased to make an exception in your case.

Deep Edge                  
8   x   8"
10 x 10"
12 x 12"
16 x 16"
20 x 20"
24 x 24" UK Only
36 x 36" UK Only

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