Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 200 Pieces Lowry - Market Scene


L S LOWRY - Market Scene, Northern Town, 1939  

The Lowry Collection - Salford

An archetypal scene of a Northern Town by L.S Lowry in his trademark Naïve Style. A bustling town scene, this jigsaw puzzle is an interesting, yet satisfying one to complete. Add it to your list if you are looking for more of a challenge. A great gift for a puzzle enthusiast or fine art lover.The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company has been producing wooden jigsaws since 1994. Each jigsaw is cut using the unique Wentworth whimsy pieces. 

These puzzles are made in Malmesbury, Gloucestershire in the UK. Wentworth makes over 150,000 wooden puzzles every year and now exports to 35 countries.

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