Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 250 Pieces - Vermeer - The Art of Painting


JOHANNES VERMEER - The Art of Painting 

Kunsthistorisches Museum- Vienna

250 Piece Wooden Jigsaw

The artist in this painting is thought to be a self portrait Vermeer working on a painting of the Muse Clio. The piece is believed to contain a number of political references, for example the map hanging on the wall is torn, showing the division between Dutch Republic to the north and the Habsburg provinces to the south (maps at this time were orientated with West upwards). This lovely wooden puzzle would make an excellent gift for fans of fine art.

These puzzles are made in Malmesbury, Gloucestershire in the UK. Wentworth makes over 150,000 wooden puzzles every year and now exports to 35 countries.

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