Winsor and Newton Artists Fine Detail Canvases


Winsor and Newton Fine Detail Canvas is designed for the artists who is looking for a smoother surface to work on.
The finely woven canvas is ideal for portraits, still life or botannical work where fine detail is crucial.
Carefully prepared using one coat of acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer, the canvas offers excellent tooth and well balanced absorbency to prevent sinking of oil colour and improved adhesion.

This 100% cotton canvas has a primed weight of 10oz / 280gsm and is suitable for use with oil, acrylic and alkyd colour.

Need it super smooth? Whilst the canvas already has a fine surface it is possible to make the canvas even smoother by lightly sanding it with a fine grade sandpaper and applying a coat of primer so you can create the perfect surface for your needs.

All canvases come with corner wedges to achieve extra tension. Wedges are used to expand the stretcher if the canvas slackens in adverse weather conditions. Wedges should be placed in the corners and tapped in with a pin hammer.

Fine surface canvas.
Suitable for Oils and Acrylics

177 x 127 mm    7 x 5 inches
254 x 203 mm    10 x 8 inches
305 x 254 mm    12 x 10 inches
356 x 254 mm    14 x 10 inches
406 x 305 mm    16 x 12 inches
457 x 356 mm    18 x 14 inches
508 x 406 mm    20 x 16 inches
610 x 457 mm    24 x 18 inches (UK only)
610 x 508 mm    24 x 20 inches (UK only)
762 x 610 mm    30 x 24 inches (UK only)

All canvases are priced  singly, although if you buy them in pairs we can pack them more easily so that we can ensure that they are not damaged on their way to you.